Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ready? Set. Play!

Mimi has the girl's DS chargers and it has cause a sort of great depression this weekend. I can so hear them speak of this as adults, "Lou, dear, do you remember that dark weekend when once we had no DS?" "Of course, darling Mavis, how on earth could one forget?"
It made me realize my duckies are too plugged in. I decided to have "dark days" once a month or bi monthly, where we live without lights and electricity (aside from the fridge and such.) While that was my grand scale thought, I also thought, "Games!" and have decided to work more games into our budget. I went to WallyWorld and picked out our first new game, Robo Champs. It's a Lego game where you race to build a robot of which ever color. Fun, fast paced, easy and a charm to store - it was just what I wanted! If it is fun I am picking up Lego's Frog Rush next week!

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