Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting it done!

Lou came with me to the open air market. Shrimp are not in season, which I forgot all about when I made my list, and soft shell crabs were sold out way before I got to the market. Lou had fun making a painting, but the kids working the booth failed to hang her art up so it didn't dry. We decided to make our own at home.

I stuffed bell peppers for lunch. I was a little ruffled, though. I was aggravated because B had a friend over, unplanned, so I had to adjust on the fly in order to cook him lunch also. For what? So he could eat half and then declare himself too full to finish. Okay. Only moments later he ate a pack of jerky and then a sandwich. How insulting is that? I am a wonderful cook you asshat!

Mavis, Lou and I walked over to Paw-paw's house and took a dip. This was a maybe on today's list, but then I was like, "What the hell? The grocer can wait, but the ducks will grow!" and decided to take them today and go out to the grocer tomorrow.
Love ~ Ever Eden

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