Friday, July 8, 2011

Ever Eden, the list maker.

As I start to take the housewife thing more and more serious, as it becomes my "job" and life "work" if you will, it seems it gets easier and more fun. Maybe it's because B and I are getting better at out roles. She is definitely getting better and better at understanding my limits and catering to them. I, I think, in turn am getting better at communicating in her way and at being a Holly Homemaker. (Which, being the femme of the house, makes B really happy!)
Anypassthevodkaitsnoonalreadyway, tomorrow is the day of Satur so that means there is lots to do. In an effort to be more efficient I am now a list maker. That's right, me - Ever Eden - am now a list maker, may God bless us all! I'll let you all know how it goes my little piggies!
Love ~ E.E.

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