Friday, July 8, 2011

The cats.

It would be impossible to document our lives and not introduce you to our entire fam. We have five cats, yes FIVE! We are done, for now! It wasn't like we went out looking for five cats. Kinny was adopted in the early months of 2005. He was named by a two year old Lou, they have been BFF ever since. In fact he pre-dates B. He's been through a lot with the hurricane and all the moving our family did after. Once we were done with apartments and bought this house we brought him in shortly after, he had been living with my mother.
I had long wanted a Burmese cat and through research many years ago I decided I wanted a pure blooded Siamese. We put a down payment on a blue pointed Siamese in August. In September, just a month before we were to go pick up our Siamese, a perfect little kitten appeared in our back yard. She refused to go away and didn't get the memo that stated we were not up for adoption. Within days she had picked us and Darius Jane was our unofficial (official) second cat. In October we headed to North Carolina for B's high school reunion and to pick up my son, my strapping young man, my Lir. He was just as awesome as I knew he would be with one little problem. He fell in love with B. He was HERS and I was left out. :(
A bit under a year later I was pitching a fit about how I still didn't have a cat to love me when B was like, "Then get one." I did some research and found a breeder a little more local, a week later Lou and I made the six hour round trip to pick up Molly Gru. A month later we returned to that breeder to pick up Molly's little sister for Lou. Ruby Rita Pearl... Honestly I don't remember Ruby's whole name because Lou named her and Lou makes decisions the way I do, which is to say poorly. lol
So there they are, the living fur balls we love!
  ♥~ Ever Eden
Kenneth Cole - Handbags & Shoes, 6.5yrs
Darius Jane, Dari, 2.5 yrs
A Hero For Her Sake, Lir, almost 2 yrs.
Molly Gru, 1 yr
Ruby, 1 yr

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