Thursday, July 7, 2011

What have I done?

We moved to this lovely little house a twee bit over two years ago and I just couldn't make myself think of paint or decor. I just needed to settle after moving so so so much. I did focus on the kids. They were six and four and were getting their own rooms for the first time. We painted Lou's room light lavender with blue ceilings and clouds. Mavis went for a rare girlie moment and had hers done light pink with a lighter pink ceiling, it's a lot like being on the inside of a little girls jewelry box.
Anywho, for many reasons that will not be on this blog (because this is my heaven you see) I am a stay at home mom now. With that, we decided that I will Homeschool the little ducks. (Lou hates when I call them that.) We feel that for Lou, who is advanced and amazing this will be good because it can be suited to her and help her stay moving forward. Also, we don't like the emotional toll some of the kids at school were having on her. For Mavis, who is very bright but strong willed, we felt that this was a good way to provide her structure and attention a teacher with 25 screaming students couldn't give.
All that just to say this: my loving and beautiful wife, B, just endure a huge ridiculous freak out on my behalf where I screeched like a harpie and cried like a little boy who ripped his tutu all about how I needed this house organized! So whe sent me and the ducks out for a weekend and she worked her OCD magic and we came home to the most amazing house EVER!
Then, and only then, I was struck! "If this is to be my world, if I am to mold young minds here and create a good life for us all, I MUST paint the walls."
That's right, and instead of slapping my bipolar behind and sending me to bed without supper, my loving B let me pick colors and dove in.
The room living currently awaiting paint.
The kitchen, who had to absorb the exploded guts of my dear front room!
Of course, now my amazing house is a wreck! Oh, harpie that is me, please get through this in one piece!
♥ ~ Ever Eden

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